Welcome to the website of the X-GoLP team, the experimental team of the Group for Lasers and Plasmas of the Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear at Instituto Superior Técnico.

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Work by Mario Galletti et al. featured on the cover of HPLSE

The paper “Ultra-broadband near-IR NOPAs based on the nonlinear crystals BiBO and YCOB” by Mario Galletti et al. is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the journal High Power Laser Science and Engineering. In this work, the GoLP/IPFN researchers from Universidade de Lisboa, in collaboration with colleagues from the Central Laser Facility, STFC, United Kingdom, consider two alternative crystals for both low- and high-energy,… Read more

Thomas Wodzinski successfully defends PhD thesis

Thomas Wodzinski defended successfully his PhD thesis on October 14, 2020 and passed with Distinction. He was awarded a fellowship in the APPLAuSE doctoral program on Plasma Science and Engineering in 2015 and joined GoLP for his thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marta Fajardo (IST) and Dr. Elke Plönjes-Palm (FLASH, DESY). During his PhD, Thomas performed research at the Laboratory for Intense Lasers… Read more

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